15 Negative Habits You Should Stop Now

There are lots of things that we probably do (or don’t do) every day that we know isn’t very healthy. Not flossing before bed, forgetting to close your mouth when sneezing – all very bad. All of which we are guilty of. But what if we told you these are just the elementary “do not(s)”. There are lots of more daily habits that are nastier than you thought. We have compiled a list of 15 daily habits that you should stop now! Read further to find out.

Get Your Bag Off The Table

handbag on table
handbag on table via rd.com

Not only is keeping your bag on the table against table manners but it is also super nasty. Your bag, on the average, takes on more bacteria than a toilet! Your bag is always by your side, everywhere you go. From washrooms to public trains to every single place you go to.

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