Home Hacks That Everyone Wish They Knew Sooner

Making your apartment more homely doesn’t have to be rocket science. DIY is the new cool and there are plenty of new approaches to maintain your home. From what you can do with bottles to knowing your appliances better, making your home a perfect livable space doesn’t take “maxing out all your credit cards”. Household tools around you can quickly become your go-to buddies if you learn little home tweaks to maximize your space and furniture.

1. The ceiling fan directional switch

Picture of a ceiling fan

When you turn on your ceiling fan, it keeps the hot hair above while pushing down cool air. You can take advantage of this ceiling fan’s feature during the chilly winters by simply switching the direction of the fan. By doing so, it sucks up the cool air and pushes down warm air. This feature is common in ceiling fans so look out for when next you’re shopping.

2. Empty wine bottle for home decor

picture of an empty wine bottle used for home decor

Wine corks and glass beads are wonderful decorative items for transparent vases but they can take a while to collect, especially if you don’t think a lot. So, just get a few and use an empty wine bottle to fill up the hollow in the transparent vase.