15 Confusing Photos That Make You Look Twice

Optical illusions are purposefully timed when constructed by an artist for their display or by a magician to pull off a trick.

But, when random moments are caught on camera with unintentional timing, a unique, yet confusing perspective can sometimes be presented. The lighter side of life shows us how people and nature can provide us with amusing distractions when naturally captured.

We collected 15 mind-bending photos for you to figure out what’s actually real:

15. Swapped

illusion swapped bodies

At first glance, do you see a guy leaning over and his lower body position is somewhat out of place and he is also wearing heels (not necessarily an odd thing in modern times?). But are you seeing the real event? Look again. The guy is actually sitting, and a girl is s hugging him from the back. She’s the one in the heels.

14. Two or One

illusion man on a bike

In this odd photo, do you see the man chilling on his motorcycle with a knee up or, do you see a girl with a tattooed back leaning towards the helmut? Although a bit deceiving, with a careful look and sharp eye, it’s just a guy browsing his device while relaxing on his cool wheels.

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