Winter Beauty: 15 Tips For Perfectly Moisturized Lips

 Is that a sniffle I hear? It seems winter is upon us once again! But as we stock up our closets with coats, sweaters and socks, are you stocking up for your lips? The lips are a special type of skin – very thin and delicate. As such, the cold weather has terrible consequences for our lips. Read further to know how to embrace the joys of the season while rocking perfectly moisturised lips.

Reduce Moistening

lady licking lips
lady licking lips via

The first reflex when our lips are dry is to lick our lips. This first natural response has proven very detrimental to our lips. Saliva contains acids for breaking down foods. In consequence, our lips are irritated anytime saliva is passed on it. The overall effect is that it only makes our lips drier. So, leave that tongue in!

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