A Rescue Event In The Ocean- How Two Men Saved A Whale

The ocean being the natural habitat of all aquatic animals is becoming increasingly dangerous day by day. Human activities have resulted in the pollution of this environment leading to the regular entrapment of large sea animals in nets and lines. The rescue story of these animals as interesting as they can be, doesn’t come easy and this happened with two fishermen and a humpback whale.

Whale Entrapment

A fisherman diving into the ocean

In summer time, humpback whales migrate to the coasts of Alaska and California. In their breeding season, they migrate to the waters of Hawaii, Japan, Costa Rica and Mexico. Even with their varying weight and length, they get trapped in nets and lines used for maritime activities. When this happens, the fisherman who discovers them call on the authorities to bail them out. However, this case turned out to be a different story when Nicholas Taron and Sam Synstelien found a trappedĀ  humpback whale and attempted to carry out the rescue themselves.