15 Confusing Photos That Make You Look Twice

13. Double Muscles

illusion small boy big muscles

Showing off an oddly unique physique, this photo definitely makes you look twice. If that little boy carried biceps like that, there would be a serious steroid violation in pursuit. Thankfully, that’s not the case. This amusing photo was choreographed with dad behind son displaying his impressive muscular arms. But, in only a few years, the son will be looking like dad, for real.

12. Rare Sighting

life sized real squirrel

How do you explain this photo? Is it a really big squirrel or a very small car? Is the cameraman obscuring the object sizes to force a different perspective? Maybe, its Halloween and someone is winning the best-dressed award, or someone is getting arrested for trying to break into the car. On this one, we’ll never know.

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