If You See Square Waves In The Ocean Get Out Of The Water Immediately

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Nature is one of the most refreshing ways to relax and unwind but it also comes with dangers of its own. The wild, like the ocean, is a beautiful place, attractive and gorgeous. However, the same beauty comes with caution as these places can be equally dangerous. Thankfully, nature has its way of warning us about these disasters before they occur. But if you don’t know these signs, you may end up being a victim of some of the worst natural disasters.

1. J-shaped trees


If you’re ever passing through the woods, perhaps on a hiking trip, and you see a patch of J-shaped trees, that’s a clear warning of a coming landslide. The trees have slowly bent out of shape because of the slow movement of the ground. Thank goodness you just escaped danger.

2. A dip in the ocean level

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picture of an ocean

When the water along the coasts of the Pacific Ocean starts receding, you may be in danger of a coming Tsunami. You should get to a safe distance immediately. Tsunamis usually form when an earthquake happens underwater and the water above is displaced and the waves move at 500 miles per hour across the ocean.