15 Tips On How To Get A Dog To Instantly Stop Barking And Listen

Barking is as natural to dogs as talking is to humans. But, when our canine friends don’t stop barking, it causes distress in the home and annoys the neighbors. If you are looking for solutions to get your dog to quieten down, understanding the root cause of the incessant barking is halfway to solving the problem.

Dogs bark if they see or sense danger when they anxious, lonely or bored, and when excited and playful. Pay close attention to the tone of the bark to identify which technique to apply to help your dog calm down.

1. Establish Consistency

dog with long tongue

Like children, dogs also need routine and consistency from you, which provides stability. Behaving erratically every time your dog sets off increases their anxiety as they don’t know what to expect from you. When you find the technique that best works for your dog, apply it consistently and loving to reduce unnecessary barking.