Mother saw squirrels in her window – but when she taken a closer look at them she called the police immediately…

When this woman awoke to a strange noise, she noticed that there were two squirrels in her window. Cute rodents were hiding in the corner of the doorway.

She could watch the squirrels hugging each other for hours. She especially loved the cute expressions on their faces when they were sleeping.

However, when she looked closely at the animals, she suddenly got the shock of her life…

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Mia, 44, had a great start to the day. For the first time in years, she had a good night’s sleep. It had been such a long time since she had stayed in bed until after seven o’clock.

At the start of the day

Source: Freepik

Her husband and son had gone skiing. While they were on a ‘man-to-man’ vacation, the mother could enjoy her freedom. She could do whatever she wanted for a week. Who wouldn’t want this?

It had been only one day since they had left the house, and Mia was already enjoying the day. Unfortunately, this freedom would not last long.