Mom Adopted A Girl That Nobody Wanted. 19 Years Have Passed And She Is Unrecognizable

Everyone’s road through life is not easy, but for young Hannah the moment she was born it appeared hopeless. Hannah, however, emerges significantly better after a protracted and challenging one! Her amazing makeover has left those who knew her before unable to believe she’s the same person. But first, what’s wrong with Hannah, and what challenges did she encounter?

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Gut feeling


Hannah’s life hasn’t been easy; it’s been filled with hardships like friends dying and being teased at school. But just as she started to believe that things were getting better, this news was about to validate her suspicions. Hannah anxiously held hands with her siblings. They were summoned into the living room by their parents who had some awful news to deliver. Her mother teary-eyed eventually spoke after a period of silence “Please don’t panic, but I have something to tell you.”

But to understand Hannah’s circumstances and what is happening, some background information is required.


The Kritzeck family

The Kritzecks

When Larry and Jackie Kritzeck first met the gorgeous young child who would permanently change their lives, they had three teens, Kelly, Mark, and Matt. Jackie and Larry both took part in community activities, relished the reciprocity, and encouraged their three kids to do the same. The couple while volunteering at the neighborhood orphanage one weekend, had no idea of the significance of this visit for them.