What your eye color says about your personality

If it is said that your gaze is incapable of hiding what you are thinking, rest assured, it would not be totally your fault. If science is to be believed, the color of our irises could say a lot about our personality. And if that is the case, you only need to look someone in the eye to know their kind of person and what they’re about. Find out what traits are behind each color.

The Research

eye color and personality

As the saying goes, “ The eyes are the window to the soul ”. It is based on this saying that scientists from the University of Örebro, Sweden, decided to carry out an investigation to study the link between the color of the iris and the personality of its owner. To establish this link, the researchers brought together a panel of 458 volunteers who agreed to confront the genes of the color of their eyes and those of their frontal lobes.

Blue eyes are thirsty for learning

blue eye color and what they say about your personality

Dr. Anthony Fallone from the University of Edinburgh, who also studied the links between the eyes and personality, said that the eyes are closely linked to the brain and that they hold clues about our brain function. So, let us begin with the blue eye color. You are endowed with great mental and physical strength if you have blue eyes. Resilience is your driving force, and you never regret your actions! Intelligent, curious, imaginative, and even a little dreamy, you are always ready and enthusiastic about learning and moving forward.