Wave goodbye to flies and maggots: easy hacks for a cleaner container

The Solution

Why You Have Maggots in Your Bin and What to Do About It

Want to get rid of the flies in your container quickly? Fortunately, you already have the solution at home. All you need is a slice of bread and a little natural vinegar. It’s true, a simple piece of bread can help you fight flies and maggots in the container! Below we’ll tell you exactly how it works.

How It Works

slice of bread and vinegar

First, take a slice of bread. It doesn’t matter what kind of bread or how old it is. Then moisten the slice of bread with natural vinegar. Make sure it’s thoroughly moist. Place the slice of bread on top of your container, and you’ll find that you never have problems with flies in your container again! The trick is incredibly simple, but you’ll see that it really works. If you already have maggots in your container because you didn’t know this tip, try putting a piece of ivy in your container.