Waitress Understands That Something Is Wrong When A Couple With Two Children Orders Only One Meal

When a family with two kids only ordered a kid’s meal at the restaurant, Judith felt concerned. She decided to watch them, and then made a signal asking the child “Do you need help?”. Right away she received the affirmation she sought.


Gut feeling


Judith had sufficient experience working in the same restaurant to be confident in her gut feeling regarding patrons. That evening, she received a young family and immediately felt uncomfortable. She didn’t have enough time to figure out what scared her. The restaurant was packed with customers because it was Saturday night. Judith took the family’s orders after they were seated at their table. They were quieter than the other visitors and had two little children present.

A strange order


Judith discovered the family had only ordered three meals. It didn’t add up because there were two parents and two kids. Children weren’t served a second meal, and there wasn’t even a side dish to go with the appetizers. Judith began to wonder what was going on.

Judith had observed parents depriving kids of food as punishment after years of attending to many families. However, there was a considerable difference between refusing to order food for a misbehaving child and not giving him any at all. She decided to know what was going on.