Woman discovers mysterious marks on her dog – you won’t believe what they mean!

Hayden Howard loved dogs, but she couldn’t overlook the responsibility that came with owning them. Raising children was no easy task, and she knew that a puppy meant another child in the house.

They can get into all sorts of trouble and you always have to keep an eye on them, because disaster can strike quickly. If only she knew how much, before their nightmare unfolds.

woman and dog



Hayden thought that adopting a dog would be a good idea. After an emotional visit to the shelter, the decision became increasingly difficult. She wanted to adopt all these adorable creatures, but unfortunately she had to decide which one would best fit her home.

For some reason, her gaze fell on an English Mastiff puppy with chocolate-brown eyes. This fluffy puppy was just perfect! Hayden definitely took a liking to him and couldn’t resist taking him!