How to tidy up your house in 8 minutes

How to tidy up your house in eight-minute: Coutnenay Hartford offers an effective method of getting a cleaner home in no time at all.

Clean house

Love a clean home but hate to do the cleaning? Yeah, me too. Chores are only satisfying when you are left with little or no tasks, and you just want to stay busy. Asides that, it is hard to keep up with cleaning your home daily. Courtenay Hartford aims to make your cleaning job easier and faster with the tips she has shared. Not your usual deep, thorough cleaning, but it will make your home look clean and smell great if you have last-minute guests coming over.


Make the house smell nice

Scented candles

Lighting scented candles are one easy way to make your home smell great. A home that smells nice is inviting and comfy. It gives the impression of a clean home, just light the wick and wait for a few minutes. Try to match all the rooms with a single scent, to avoid mixtures of different smells. You can go for candles made from fresh and natural waxes like soy and coconut wax. Place the candles next to your curtains and drapes, so the materials can absorb the candle’s scent.


Clear the kitchen counter

Kitchen counter

The kitchen is one of the places you can invite your guests for a drink or to eat. So, the second step is to declutter your counter and get rid of dirty dishes. You might not have time to spare to wash the dishes at once. So instead, you can just put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. If you don’t have one, leave it in the sink and run water with liquid soap to hide the dirt. Also remove every unnecessary item, random junk and appliances from your countertops.