15 Things You Don’t Know Their Actual Purpose

Have you ever noticed the hole at the end of a measuring tape?

measuring tape

You must have noticed a small hole at the end of a measuring tape. Believe it or not, its function is much more logical than it seems. Imagine you are measuring a large area. An extra hand could come in handy, right? However, this is not necessary because you can insert a nail or something similar into this hole and simply pull the tape out. Simple, clear, and yet very helpful.

Edge at the end of a measuring tape. Do you know what it’s for?

measuring tape

Did you think the only function of a part of the measuring tape was the hole at one end? But what about the curved end? Well, this part of the measuring tape also has a very important function. When you press it against the reference point where you are measuring, it marks it. Pencils and pens are often much less accurate in this regard. It’s good to know that the end of the measuring tape has a function that can replace the pencil.