Trouble with mice in the house? Keep them out with this simple trick

Have you ever been plagued by mice? No matter how cute they may appear, mice can be quite a nuisance, and we’d rather not have them in our homes! This is good news! And, for every person who screams at the sight of a mouse, it’s bad news; in the Netherlands, we are dealing with a plague of mice. If you encounter a mouse anytime soon, don’t be surprised: this season has an exceptionally high number of mice! They can also cause serious damage to your home! Do you have mice in your house? Don’t panic, we have prepared an excellent tip for you!

a mouse hiding in a hole


How Smart are Mice and Rats? | Terminix

They may appear harmless, but mice can be quite dangerous. A small hole or crack is enough for a mouse to invade your home. Besides the damage these small creatures can cause to your house, they definitely pose a risk to your health. Mice are infamous for carrying diseases and bacteria. They can also spread these at an alarmingly fast rate! You can become seriously ill not only through direct contact, but also by breathing contaminated air, eating food touched by mice, or from mouse bites. There are enough reasons for you to want to get rid of these animals at home! How can you do this easily with just one simple ingredient? We will tell you everything on the next page.