Victim warns: never put your feet up on the dashboard

It may seem innocent, but putting your feet on the dashboard is actually very dangerous. You have a long car journey, so you want to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Snacks, drinks, good music: you’re all set for the trip. When someone else is driving, you can relax a bit in the passenger seat. Putting your feet on the dashboard, is the ultimate relaxation, right? Maybe just a bit, but it could end very badly… Luckily, Irish woman GrĂ¡inne Kealy lived to tell the tale.



 Car Accident

35-year-old GrĂ¡inne Kealy is warning people not to put their feet on the dashboard through her Facebook page. At the age of 22, she was involved in a car accident that ended very badly, partly because she had her feet on the dashboard. She was in the car with her boyfriend at the time and decided to stretch her legs, not knowing her feet were directly on top of the airbag.