What the size of your thumb reveals about you

types of thumbs by size

Thumb B

Do the two halves of your thumb match in size? In that case, people say you are calm and collected when it comes to relationships. You don’t let your emotions get out of control! You set goals and achieve them. You are a reasonable person, not given to emotional excesses or impetuous decisions. This also means you do not fall in love easily. Does the bottom half of your thumb seem larger than the top? Read on!

type A thumb larger upper half thumb

Thumb C

If the bottom half of your thumb is longer than the top, you are an extremely reliable and trustworthy person. You tend to think things through before acting on them. When you finally let someone into your life and share everything with that person—good times, bad times, every part of yourself – there is a high probability that they are the one for you. You won’t settle for less than love.. Once lightning has struck, it’s hard to see anything other than each other.