The Most Beautiful Names For Girls Forgotten Over Time

Pretty names for baby girls that have been forgotten over the years

There are so many pretty names for girls with lovely meanings that trended in the early nineties. Now, it seems as though girls no longer bear these once-popular names. But, these beautiful names deserve a comeback. And so, we have chosen our favourite 20 names out of the hundreds of names you could choose from.


If you are looking for beautiful names with meaningful significance, here are some adorable name suggestions you could give your new baby girl.



Ava is a name that dates back to the medieval period. The name gained popularity because of the widely recognized American actress, Ava Gardner. Ava is a derivative of the first name Eva or Eve. The name Ava doesn’t have clear roots, but some people believe the name has Germanic roots. While others believe it has Latin origins from the word Avis meaning “bird” or “birdlike”. If we are to go by its Germanic roots, the name is a derivative of the word aval, meaning “guarantee”. In Hebrew, the name Havva means “life” or “full of life”.