If You See Square Waves In The Ocean Get Out Of The Water Immediately

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3. A wall cloud in the sky

Picture of a wall cloud in the sky

Wall clouds are indications of imminent thunderstorms. Because the pressure of the air is quickly rising, the cloud usually drops below the storm to form the wall cloud that can be up to 5 miles long. However, the rotations of the wall cloud could lead to a destructive tornado.

4. A channel of ruffled waters at the beach

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picture of an imminent riptide

If you happen to spot debris, seaweed, or a channel of ruffled water moving away from the shore and towards a particular area, that’s a sign of danger. There’s a high probability that a deadly rip current is about to happen from beneath the surface of the water. Other signs to tell include; a gap in the line of waves or a section of discolored water. It’s really deadly so if you happen to be in the water at this time, swim parallel towards the shore away from the current.

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