Woman wraps cling film around the toilet once a month – the result is amazing.

Spreading plastic wrap around the toilet may seem like a silly kid’s joke. But in the case that I will talk about, this is absolutely legit. This toilet bowl cleaning method was created with the intention of making your life more enjoyable. Since it was shared online earlier last month, it has already been used by more and more people around the world. And for a very good reason!

toilet and plastic wrap

This method was developed by Lazy Carlton and a TikTok partner about a month ago. The Lazy Cleaning Channel now has over 250,000 followers. The tips he gives especially this rubber band method are great. According to Lazy, you only need to do this method once a month, and then you won’t have to think about it again. But make sure you fold it right, or it won’t work. Lazy has something to say about this trick:

“An indispensable tip for anyone who wants to see their toilet 100% clean. I’ve been using it myself for two years, and now my followers want nothing more.”


Your bathroom is undoubtedly the most important place in your home. Or let me put it this way, it is very important that you always make the best use of your services.

Of course, hygiene also plays a big role in this. There are a lot of bad smells and if you don’t clean it for a long time you will get a lot of stains. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the toilet for a pleasant experience when using it.

However, there is another important issue to consider regarding the toilet. If you don’t do it right, your house can quickly turn ugly.

Fortunately, thanks to my advice, you no longer have to worry about that. Check out the next page and find out why!