The first septuplets in the world have celebrated their 21 years, discover them in pictures

Having a baby is such an event in a lifetime that when you have fertility problems, one of the things you feel is tremendous fear. This is a problem that can occur right from the start or even after you have had the opportunity to have your first child. The story you are about to discover is rare enough to be told, but it is very real anyway. It’s the story of a couple who thought they would never have children, but it became unthinkable … which proves to us that miracles exist!

This is a story about a miracle.

7 kids

It is quite common today to read stories about multiple pregnancies. But the one we are talking about here is one of the first of its kind and shows us how crucial it can be in life. It also leads us to think about what we would do instead of our parents. Imagine you find that you are expecting seven babies; how do you handle 120 dirty diapers a week? How to prepare 40 bottles a day? This large family had to face many challenges. Discover their history.

Meet the happy parents, Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey

In 1996, Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey became the parents of a baby girl, a miracle baby, since Bobbi was born with a disease that affects her fertility. Mikayla Mary was a dream come true, and the birth of a baby girl encouraged Bobbi and Kenny to consider different ways to have another child and expand the family. They knew that the journey would obviously be challenging and littered with pitfalls, but thanks to advances in fertility science, the little girl would soon no longer be an only child.