Nobody would have believed these men if it hadn’t been filmed!

Sometimes we just have to learn to follow our instincts. Our guts are there for a reason, to lead us. When a fishing trip between two lovey brothers trying to catch up on time turns into a nightmare, you’d be thankful the entire trip was caught on camera.

The brothers suspected they weren’t ‘alone’ around the fishing lake but by the time they confirmed it, almost nothing could be done. The story you’re about to read may be disturbing at first but it will be worth every sentence.

fishing trip

Settling in the bushy lake

One of the first teachings in safety or environmental education is that one should be watchful of the surroundings and be alert, especially if it’s isolated or quiet. These men would have gone away long ago if they had paid attention to what was going on around them and avoided this scary show.

Minutes into their fishing and chatting trip, a wildlife photographer hanging in the bush noticed a pair of familiar eyes in the tall grass. He took the shot from his angle and he noticed that an intruder was around, observing and probably waiting to ambush.

To gain the brothers’ attention, he screamed. Is it, however, too late?

fishing trip